Feel free to add 2 strips of bacon or 2 sausage links (excludes turkey products) to an of our griddle greats for $1.79

Add whipped cream for $.99

$.50 for carryout orders

Old Fashion Pancakes

Our specially prepared batter cooked to a golden brown… $7.99

Add a flavor-bursting topping… $10.69

Fresh Blueberry, Fresh Strawberry, Pecan, Walnut Raisin, Cinnamon Apple, Peach, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Chip w/Strawberry Granola

Buckwheat Pancakes… $9.49

Gluten Free Pancakes

Full order… $9.55   Short order… $7.99

Potato Pancakes

Our very own homemade flat cake consisting of shredded potato mixed with batter, onion and a touch of garlic seasoning… $7.69